What is the definition of Adventure? 

The adventurer’s soul has a natural tendency to explore, to push through physical challenges and jump over hurdles, to go where most won’t and to experience what very few will ever have the privilege to. The best stuff in life doesn’t have a paved road leading up to it.

The blaring attraction to adventuring on a hike, bike ride, or mountain peak, is the visual and spiritual beauty of nature. It’s undeniable to anyone who has ever gone on a simple nature walk, that being exposed to the fresh air of the great outdoors is the purest form of medicine out there.

Our day-to-day modern life forces us to live rushed, scheduled, calculated, and focused on the urgency to respond to texts, emails, and everything that gets thrown at us. The race to “success” has become a priority, and the irony is that the true beauty of being in this world gets stolen away from us as we overextend ourselves on a daily basis, trying to upgrade our possessions and become “successful”. As we know, slowing downtime is impossible, however, slowing down your life once in a while, should be a “non-negotiable”. And it’s a therapy only an adventure can supply.

hiking adventure

The meaning of an adventure can be defined in many ways. The destination is secondary to the happiness and fulfillment you get from the experience. From extreme mountain climbs to meditative mellow snowshoe walks, the excitement starts while packing your gear at home, imagining what the journey will look like, and getting stoked about it. Picking up your buddies and sipping on your coffee as you drive towards your destination, talking about your last adventure and how you got lost in the woods while hiking or how you almost froze your fingers off ice climbing that one time, and somehow it left you with a memory of the “best day ever!” 

The best part of many adventures is often the people it brings together. The value of connecting with like-minded people is invaluable. There’s something special about exposing yourself to extreme elements with a group of people who share the same love for adventure as you. New friendships, business ideas, and life lessons are common side effects of a group adventure.

Adventures are about feeling like a kid again. Being creative, laughing about dumb stuff, falling down, getting lost, and just playing with friends. Forgetting about life for an hour, a day, or a week. We tend to take life too seriously and we’re all due for a break, once in a while. (Or once a day 😉

Get outside, get creative, and get adventurous! 

– Matt Bourque