Looking for adventure? The perfect experience is often closer than you think. 

I used to think that escaping the daily grind meant booking a lavish getaway far away from home. But one thing (among many) that Covid has taught me is to appreciate the gems that are all around me and often overlooked.

For a time during the pandemic, leaving the province wasn’t an option, so approaching familiar sights and venues with different eyes added a new appreciation to places I had been before. So rather than going “camping” in the more popular summer months, some friends and I decided to go in January! We rented a cabin (with no power or running water and minimal cell reception) in Fundy National Park. And while hiking to our cabin was definitely an option, we decided to be a little more adventurous and rent some fat bikes* to ride into our wintery escape.

Girls Getaway at Fundy National Park

We ate good food, did some “luging” with the sled we had towed behind us on the way in and slept all cozied up with a fire roaring in the stove. An overnight snowstorm rolled in and made us feel like we slept in a soundproof dome. We arrived home well-rested, well-fed, and already planning our next adventure. 

Weekend getaways like this prove that with a few good friends, a short drive from home, and minimal investment, great adventures can be had. And oftentimes, that’s all we need to shift us from our sometimes autopilot existence to a more grounded, grateful headspace.

– Mila