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For owner John McNair, Outdoor Elements isn’t just a brick-and-mortar store. It’s a dream that became a reality, a brand that embodies working hard, playing even harder, and inspiring others to do the same. It’s the spirit of adventure, a passion for the great outdoors, and an awesome team of people that helps keep it rolling.

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Inspired By Adventure

  • As a kid, we were always going on adventures as a family. There were the simpler ones, like fishing in the streams…read more

Outdoor Elements Inc

  • I opened the doors (well, the garage door) to Backdoor Bikes, a 300 sq. ft garage in Sussex Corner, where I did bike repairs…read more

The Fire

  • The store continued to grow and we had gained the reputation as the go-to ski shop in Southern NB. Fast forward to September 4th, 2012…read more
The Move Online

  • 2019 saw us shift focus to more online retail, where we set up an online store and gear rent-al system and continued to…read more



Whether it’s fitting you with the perfect pack, or suggesting a scenic bike route, our team of passionate explorers is here to help get you outfitted and excited to explore the great outdoors.